AFB builds relationships founded on trust and respect.

Our company is rated "best-of-the-best" by FloorExpo. We've built a thriving business by focusing on qualities and values that put our customers first. Always.

RESPONSIVE we are customer driven.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, take people with you. We are committed to helping our clients go far. This is embodied by our long-term customer and employee relationships, people with whom we’ve collaborated and learned from over many years. 

KNOWLEDGEABLE we continuously grow our expertise.

Continuous learning is essential in an industry that shifts with lifestyle and demographic trends. One-size-fits-all for product, pricing and service never works. We solve problems with programs best suited for YOUR business.   

INNOVATIVE we bring the best products & services to market.

Manufacturers and industry groups enlist AFB to advise them on market trends and product development because they know we’re a forward-thinking company. And our FloorExpo Advisory Board credentials firmly establish us as industry leaders.

CANDID we speak the difficult truths.

Some companies only tell their customers what they want to hear. We prefer to shoot straight, leveraging more than 50 years of industry know-how to help you make the right purchasing decisions. It’s not always the answer you’re looking for, but you know we tell it like it is.

RELIABLE we deliver on our promises.

Our team members are "subject matter experts", prepared to provide our clients with the best possible service experience.

FOCUSED we are multifamily and commercial specialists.

We don't subscribe to the, "Jack of all trades, Master of none", style of business. We are laser focused on the needs of the multifamily and commercial property industries.