We work together to serve you.

Denny Thostrud

CEO/ President
Denny has been with AFB since 1991 and is a Principle Shareholder. He has broad experience in sales, marketing, business development and finance. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for FloorExpo, and formerly on the National Board of Advisers for the Washington State University Carson College of Business.

Joseph McBride 

Executive Vice President- Commercial Sales
Joe has been with AFB since 2003 and is a Principle Shareholder, and oversees our Commercial Group for multifamily & commercial new development projects. He has 25+ years experience in the flooring industry in commercial, multifamily and residential sales.  

Wendy Schutzler

Vice President- Multifamily Sales
Wendy has been with AFB since 2009, and runs our Multifamily Sales & Business Development Groups. Prior to joining AFB she founded a leading regional interior design firm. She is high energy, goal driven and prescribes to the development of people and their service to our industry.

Mike Durham

Vice President- Operations
Mike joined AFB in 2018, and is responsible for operations including Purchasing, Inventory Control, Facilities, Warehouse Operations and Installation Execution. Prior to joining our company, he was the National Director of Installations & Operations for a flooring and window covering company with 70 locations and over 1,600 installation subcontractors across the country. He is an avid golfer in his spare time.    

Shannon O’Day

Vice President- Finance, Corporate Secretary
Our longest tenured executive, Shannon joined AFB in 1986 and is a Principle Shareholder. She oversees our Financial and Administrative Groups.